Waterfalls of Edessa Pella Central Macedonia Greece

Pella (Prefecture)

Waterfalls of Edessa

The waters of the Edessaios - falling from a high rock - create seven waterfalls. The largest and most popular one is Karanos (named after the mythical leader of ancient Macedonians) which is 7 meters high.

Lake of Agras Pella Central Macedonia Greece

Pella (Prefecture)

Lake of Agras

The manmade lake of Agras, which was created to run f the hydroelectric power plant of the same name, turned into a wetland with rich water vegetation and a variety of fowl species, with swans, pelicans, kingfishers, cranes, swamp ducks,

 Greece Central Macedonia Pieria aliakmonas delta

Pieria (Prefecture)

Aliakmonas delta

River Aliakmonas is the biggest Greek river which springs from and flows into Greek territory.