Greek Islands


Old Town of Corfu

To better understand Corfu and its residents, you should walk its old city.




Imerovigli is located 3km Northwest of Fira, at the highest point of Caldera. It is famous for its privileged location and the unique ambience. Its sites are not of a great interest though.




Many believe that in Oia is different from all other places of Santorini; is considered more authentic, traditional and yet, elitist. This place’s aura has inspired artists from all over the world.

Sifnos kastro cyclades Greek islands Greece



Built on a hill accessible by land only from the west, Kastro is a city-fortress. To accommodate as many as possible, space management has been done with maximum economy.

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Little Venice

The most popular neighborhood of the island is the bay of Little Venice (formerly known as Skarpa). It is a place of a distinct Mykonian architecture, so unique that seems to resemble to a miniature of the famous Italian city of Venice.

Sifnos panagia chryssopigi cyclades Greek islands Greece


Panagia Chryssopigi

Date of celebration: Ascension (movable feast)
Festival: One the eve (and the day) of the Ascension

Panagia Paraportiani Mykonos island Greece cyclades Greek islands


Panagia Paraportiani

According to many, the church of Panagia Paraportiani is the pride of Mykonos. It is also one of the most impressive monuments of the Aegean and a rare example of popular church architecture.




The exploration of Santorini can start from its capital, Fira. It is set on the edge of the Caldera, 260m above sea level.

Kalo Livadi beach Mykonos island Greece cyclades Greek islands


Kalo Livadi beach

It is one of the largest beaches of the island, celebrity oriented. It offers numerous dining, clubbing and water sport options. In the middle of the beach there is a water sports school.

Chania (Prefecture)

Old Town of Chania

Dwellings of Venetian bourgeoisie in which the Turks added Ottoman elements, temples having on one side a bell tower and on the other a minaret, Orthodox churches next to Oriental baths, walls in frayed ochre colours and in pink, traditi