Historical Highlights

Ancient Pella Central Macedonia Greece

Pella (Prefecture)

Ancient Pella

Pella was built in the Hippodameion system, with wide vertical and horizontal streets, creating building blocks.

Greece Thessaloniki Central Macedonia white tower


White Tower

The White Tower, the symbol of Thessaloniki, and a point of reference for the inhabitants and the visitors to the city, is the remnant of the sea walls that were demolished in 1873.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Archaeological Museum of Vergina

The gold larnakes (ossuaries) with the sixteen-rayed star emblem and the gold wreaths found in the tomb of Philip II.

Central Greece

Archaeological Site of Delphi

It is said that, two eagles flew from the ends of the world and met at Delphi. There laid the navel of the Earth, the centre of the world, the power of humanity.

Greece Central Macedonia Serres lion amphipolis

Serres (Prefecture)

Lion of Amphipolis

The Lion of Amphipolis is the first contact with the ancient city, taking place when passing the old bridge over Strymonas.

Greece Central Macedonia Serres archaeological site Amphipolis

Serres (Prefecture)

Archaeological Site of Amphipolis

Amphipolis, built on the hillsides near the delta of the river Strymon, is one of the major cities of Macedonia.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Vergina palace

Here, on the foothill of Pieria, between the villages of Vergina and Palatitsia, the Macedonians established their capital, Aeges, defining in this way the region of Imathia as the heart of the Macedonian Kingdom, that is the administrat

Ilia (Prefecture)

Archaeological Site of Olympia

It is the place that was blessed to become the greatest spiritual, religious and athletic centre during antiquity. It's the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece.

Ilia (Prefecture)

Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae

Its beauty made the French diplomat Clemenceau to write in his memoirs that "anyone who has come into this world, has no right to leave unless gazes at the Parthenon and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius in Phigaleia".

Halkidiki Chalkidiki Central Macedonia Greece ancient olynthos

Halkidiki (Prefecture)

Ancient Olynthos

Ancient Olynthos was the richest historic city in Halkidiki, built in a beautiful and fertile area, almost 4 km from the shore.

 Greece Central Macedonia Pieria dion archaeological park Mount Olympus

Pieria (Prefecture)

Dion archaeological park

The archaeological area of Dion is one of the most important areas in Greece as it is rich in antiquities, springs gushing through ancient stones, a clear-water river, Vafiras,

Imathia (Prefecture)

Tomb of of the Palmettes

The two-chamber Macedonian Tomb of the Palmettes has a temple-shaped fa?ade of the Ionic order, a pediment and impressive palmettes.

Laconia (Prefecture)


Στους πρόποδες του Ταΰγετου, 6 χλμ. βορειοδυτικά της Σπάρτης, υψώνεται ο λόφος του Μυστρά, γεμάτος ερείπια και ιστορία.



Ancient Thera

The main town of Thera in the historical years is to be found at Messa Vouno, between Kamari and Perissa.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Aristotle's school

The archaeological space where the School of Aristotle is found, is almost two and a half kilometers from the city, next to the natural spring of Kefalari in the northern side of the communal road leading from Kopanos to Naoussa.

Ioannina (Prefecture)

Archaeological site of Dodona

The ancient shrine of Dodona is located in the middle of a narrow valley on the eastern slopes of Mount Tomaros and is 22 km south of Ioannina.

 Greece Central Macedonia Pieria castle platamonas Mount Olympus

Pieria (Prefecture)

Castle of Platamonas

The castle of Platamonas is a castle city of the mid-byzantine period (10th century) with some recent additions.

Cyclades (Prefecture)


Delos is Apollo’s sacred island, located right in the middle of the group island of Cyclades. It constitutes an important archaeological site and by many, it is the actual cause of the great growth of Mykonos.