Ottoman Monuments

Chania (Prefecture)

Egyptian Lighthouse

Ornament and hallmark of the city, it stands for five centuries on the edge of the arm that embraces the Venetian harbour from the north.

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Paradise Baths (Bey Hamam)

The Paradise Baths, known as Bey Hamam after the name of their founder Sultan Murat II, who was known with the title of Bey. These double baths - with a men’s and women’s section - were built in 1444.

Chania (Prefecture)

Yali Jamissi

Yali Jamissi (Mosque of the Sea-shore) - or mosque of Küçük Hasan - at Akti Tompazi, hardly goes unnoticed.

Chania (Prefecture)

Municipal Garden

The city's Municipal Garden, between the streets Andrea Papandreou and Stratigou Tzanakaki, is a work by Reouf Pasha. It was designed in 1870 upon European standards and planted with many evergreen trees and plants of all kinds.


Mausoleum of Musa Baba

Turbes, Musa-Baba’s mausoleum in Terpsithea square, is a small hexagonal Ottoman building, constructed as the grave of Baba pasha. It is the only hexagonal ottoman mausoleum entirely preserved in the city.