Aliakmonas delta

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River Aliakmonas is the biggest Greek river which springs from and flows into Greek territory. The river delta, covering an area of 4,000 hectares, is an important wetland of international significance protected by the Ramsar convention and listed as a Special Protection Area according to Community Directive 79/409. The Delta comprises brackish lagoons, saltflats and extended mudflats, filled with dense vegetation (bushes and trees). The Aliakmonas Delta wetland is the hibernation site for many wader migratory birds (herons, many species of seagulls, etc.); many animals (foxes, badgers, hares, etc.) and many species of reptiles and fish have also been recorded in the delta.
The visitor to the Delta of Aliakmonas River will be enchanted by the unique landscape with the rare plants and birds that wait to taste the freshwater fish, and will also enjoy the play of the river water with the sea. However, his presence must be unobtrusive and noiseless so that he does not disturb the ecological authenticity of the region and the serenity of the rare landscape.

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