Attica (Prefecture)

Must See

Acropolis, Athens

The Sacred Rock of the Acropolis is the hallmark of Athens and the most important and impressive attraction in Greece.

What to see




It is an "island" under the Acropolis rock, in the heart of the city.


Stoa of Attalos

The restored Stoa of Attalus, a monument dated to 150 B.C., houses the finds from the Ancient Agora. The colonnade was built to accommodate the trade transactions of the Atheneans.



The night life of modern Athens has been transferred to the Psirri district. The nice cafés and taverns have given colour to this- once forgotten- corner of the city.


Gazi / Technopolis

The Gazi factory closed its furnaces in August 1984, and after its restoration by the Municipality of Athens, it functions as a cultural centre.


Roman Agora (Gate of Athena Archegetis)

The Roman Agora, known as the gate of Athena Archegetis, was built between 19-11 B.C. with funds provided by Julius Cesar and the emperor Augustus.

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