Church of the Protaton

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Mount Athos Karyes Church of the Protaton Halkidiki Central Macedonia Greece Agio Oros Holy mountain

The Church of Protatou, the oldest church on Mount Athos. The church is a three-aisled basilica, square in shape when viewed from above, with a raised middle roof. It was built approximately halfway through the 10th century by Ossios Athanasios the Athonite and was renovated at the start of the 14th century, during which time the renowned Thessalonian religious painter, Manuel Panselinos, painted religious themes on the church’s walls. The church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God and celebrates on 15 August each year.

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Mount Athos Halkidiki Agio Oros Central Macedonia Greece Holy mountain Karyes

Halkidiki (Prefecture)


Karyes, situated approximately in the middle of the peninsula at an altitude of 300 to 400 metres, is the capital of the Holy Mountain of Athos.

Greece Central Macedonia Halkidiki Mount Athos holy monastery koutloumousiou

Monastery of Karakallou

Close to Karyes in the northeastern wooded area of Athos, is located the Monastery

Greece Central Macedonia Halkidiki Mount Athos skete agios andreas

Skete of Agios Andreas

Agiou Andrea Skete (St. Andrew) or Serrai, is located at an altitude of 350 metres, in the north-western region of the township of Karyes and belongs to the Vatopediou Monastery. Today it is inhabited by Greek monks.

Greece Central Macedonia Halkidiki Mount Athos paliomonastiro


Paleomanastiro (old monastery) belongs belongs to the Agiou Panteleimonos Monastery and is located approximately one hour away from it, inside the forest, towards the township of Karyes.

Greece Central Macedonia Halkidiki Mount Athos skete profitis elias

Skete of Profitis Elias

Profiti Elia Skete belongs to the Pantokratoros Monastery. It was built on a slope on the north-eastern side of the peninsula, at an altitude of 400 metres, with a view of the sea.

Greece Central Macedonia Halkidiki Mount Athos holy monastery stavronikita

Monastery of Stavronikita

The Monastery Stavronikita is a high, imposing building with a high tower, as its guard, situated in the middle of the eastern side of Athos peninsula, with a nice view over the Aegean Sea.