Corfu (Prefecture)

The best picture for anyone who comes for the first time in Corfu is from the ship which, as if deliberately, comes in a slow pace to give you the opportunity to take a good look of the great medieval castles of the Venetians, to inspect the tall buildings with yellow tiles and the mansions of the nobility - other painted in ochre and other in red. You can also distinguish the narrow streets with laundry hanging from windows and sink your eyes in green spaces springing everywhere and keeping in their laps a city that was declared by UNESCO world cultural heritage. The charm of the island, however, is not limited to the picturesque and romantic old city. From North to South, the landscape in Corfu wavers between harmony and contrasts. From the caves and towering cliffs of Paleokastritsa in the northwest, the age-old villages of Pantokrator and dense groves meeting the sea on the northeast coast to the serene scenery of Lake Korission and vast sandy beaches to the south, the frames rotate, filling unexpectedly your visual and emotional field. You won’t see anything usual, this is sure, and one can understand it at first glance. This was understood by both imperial and democratic Frenchmen who claimed Corfu, was understood by the Doges; it was understood by the British as well. The isle of the Phaeacians, at the crossroads of Western and Eastern civilizations, always challenged one’s senses.

Must See

Vlahernon Monastery

At the site called Kanoni, a few miles to the south of the city, the Monastery of Our Lady of Vlachernon which “floats” at sea, united wi


One of the most photographed landscapes in Corfu, in a green backdrop that ends in a small beach protected by large rocks.

Old Fortress

Approaching Corfu from the sea, the first thing the visitor sees is the Old Fortress, a monument witnessing the turbulent history of the

What to see



Old Fortress

Approaching Corfu from the sea, the first thing the visitor sees is the Old Fortress, a monument witnessing the turbulent history of the island and the most eminent reference point of the city.


Drastis beach

A setting with strange, rock carvings will not only be found in Canal d’ Amour, but also in the cape Drastis, very close to Peroulades, which is ideal for most solitary dives.


The Palace of Saints Michael and George

On the north side of the Spianada, a short walk from Liston, one almost forgets that one is in Greece.


Palia Perithia

This is a protected village located deep in the bosom of the mountain, with ancient roots, stone mansions, mysterious streets and many churches, a “ghost village” that preserves - though ruined - the legacy of its Venetian architecture.


Mon Repos

This is a vast area of ??258 acres of blooming gardens, the royal summer palace and ruins of ancient temples.


Korission Lagoon

With an area of 6,000 acres, the Korission lagoon is an important wetland area (Natura site) attracting about 126 bird species - among them, swans, herons and flamingos.

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