Halkidiki (Prefecture)

Halkidiki, a large peninsula between the Thermaikos and Strymonikos Gulfs, which ends in three smaller peninsulas, Kassandra (Phlegra or Pallene) to the west, Sithonia in the middle, between the Toroneos and the Sigitikos Gulfs, and finally Agion Oros (Holy Mountain, also called Athos or Akte) to the east.

The peninsula of Halkidiki has a rare beauty. All shades of green of the vegetation set off the colours of the deep blue see. Its peculiar geographic shape with its protrusions far into the Aegean Sea, makes Halkidiki the peninsula with the longest coastline (more than 550 km). Vast sandy beaches alternate with hidden little bays sheltered by tall pine trees, creating a landscape of great beauty.
Thanks to this exceptional natural beauty, its traditional architecture and the hospitality of its population, Halkidiki has developed tremendously during the last decades. Each year, its beaches are explored by visitors, who come to enjoy the clear cool water of the sea and the shady spots in the woods.
The sea and the many clean beaches receive every year more blue flags from the European Community than any other Prefecture. Moreover Halkidiki has a well developed hotel infrastructure, with accommodation ranging from small, clean traditional lodgings to large luxury hotel complexes.
Halkidiki has a micro¬climate, and it offers the visitor many opportunities to enjoy a favourite sport: golf, sailing, scuba diving, yachting, fishing, mountain climbing and trekking. Recently several trekking routes have been marked.

Must See


Parthenonas, 8 km from the central road, is a wonderful village built at an altitude of 350m.

Petralona Cave

The Petralona cave is located 800m from the village of Petralona, at the foot of Mount Katsika.

Hrouso beach

The small cape “Akrotiri” NE, traces the semicircle of Hrouso beach.

Halkidiki Chalkidiki Central Macedonia Greece parthenonas

Halkidiki (Prefecture)


Parthenonas, 8 km from the central road, is a wonderful village built at an altitude of 350m. It was named after the ancient Parthenopolis which mythology placed in the same area.

Halkidiki Chalkidiki Central Macedonia Greece neos marmaras

Halkidiki (Prefecture)

Neos Marmaras

The village of Neos Marmaras was founded by refugees after the Minor Asia destruction. During Byzantine times the place had a strong wall with a tower that protected the natural port, called Balabani.

Halkidiki Chalkidiki Central Macedonia Greece kallithea

Halkidiki (Prefecture)


Kallithea is the first in a row of big tourist centres in Cassandra on the way from Thessaloniki.

Halkidiki Chalkidiki Central Macedonia Greece ancient olynthos

Halkidiki (Prefecture)

Ancient Olynthos

Ancient Olynthos was the richest historic city in Halkidiki, built in a beautiful and fertile area, almost 4 km from the shore.

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