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Many believe that in Oia is different from all other places of Santorini; is considered more authentic, traditional and yet, elitist. This place’s aura has inspired artists from all over the world. It has also inspired those who have turned their simplest activities into a form of art. Its world famous sunset is a magnet for all the romantics of this world.
The preserved village of Oia nests on the northwestern part of the island. Because of its exquisite state and originality, Oia is listed among the 6 Greek villages that belong to the “Communities of the Greeks”. During the Middle Ages, it was one of the Castelia (fortress villages) of the island called Casteli of Agios Nikolaos. The 1956 earthquake destroyed huge parts of the village. People were forced to leave their homes only to return during the ‘70s and the 80’s. Oia is mainly defined by the simple cave houses which have accommodated some of the most famous celebrities in the world, the two-storey captain houses that constitute souvenirs of an era when local captains dominated the Mediterranean Sea, art galleries, wood workshops, traditional waving mills, restaurants of a beautiful ambience and shops. Then, there is the sunset; people start gathering very early in the afternoon in order to be able to catch a clear view of the red sun sinking into the sea. Apart from this magnificent spectacle, Oia offers a series of places for you to visit like, the Maritime Museum, set in a 19th century captain house. There, you can admire a collection of rare exhibits previously owed by great captains of the past and photographic material which proves the maritime heritage of the island. Then there’s the small port of the village called Ammoudi, where there are taverns serving fresh fish and traditional local specialties. 1km away from Oia there is the small and well-maintained village of Foinikia and its many Kanaves (cave cellars). Here, from the courtyard of Agia Matrona, you can admire the sunset away from the noise, the photographic flashes and applause.

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Just below Oia and overlooking Thirasia, is located this small port with the black cliffs. It maintains something of the originality of the old Santorini. The restaurants are ideal for seafood and ouzo.

Cyclades (Prefecture)


It doesn’t matter how many times you will visit Santorini. The experience will be incomplete if you miss the boat to Therasia.




The so-called “Minoan Eruption” of Santorini, about 3,600 years ago, created a highly impressive caldera 300 meters high, with a diameter of 11 kilometres, most of which was flooded by the sea.