It’s not only the image of Caldera that’s appealing; it’s about the vision of Santorini as a whole. It’s the beautiful white architectural curves, the blue domes, the simple cave houses and the luxury hotels hanging literally from the cliff, all being in total harmony with the natural environment. It is also this volcanic DNA, and the air and the sea that have turned rocks into sculptures and that mysterious aura of the black rock beaches that make Santorini so special.
Just one visit is never enough. Santorini is not just its famous sunset accompanied by applause and photographic flashes; the real feeling of Santorini can be sensed through its many medieval villages protected form the strong winds, pirates and invaders of any kind. It can be sensed inland, through the white dust fields, the old Kanaves and vineyards looking like beautiful wreaths of leaves and fruits. These are the images through which one can experience a forgotten in time way of life. Taste the famous wine and savour dishes that capture the absolute flavor of Santorini. The settlements along Caldera are appealing, each one in its own way; fast and fancy life in Fira, romance and serene atmosphere in Imerovigli, tradition and cosmopolitan atmosphere in Oia. The combination of all these, have included Santorini among the top holiday destinations worldwide.

Must See


Many believe that in Oia is different from all other places of Santorini; is considered more authentic, traditional and yet, elitist.


Imerovigli is located 3km Northwest of Fira, at the highest point of Caldera.

Red beach

It is one of the most photographed beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and not without a cause; a huge dark red, vertically placed and solid

What to see




Ancient Thera

The main town of Thera in the historical years is to be found at Messa Vouno, between Kamari and Perissa.




Opposite Imerovigli rises the unusual and steep rock of Skaros. Here lied the medieval capital of Santorini. The castle of Skaros was built at the end of the Byzantine era by the Venetians and was one of the five castles of the island.

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