Seli Ski Center

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The first panhellenic games took place in 1934, which was also the year of the foundation of the first organized ski center of the country. The national Ski Center of Seli is situated on the southwestern side of mount Vermio at an altitude of 1.520 meters, while the peak of the mountain reaches approximately 1.900 meters.
The first lift was an air chair 750 meters long that was extended in 1968, reaching since then 1250 meters. Ιn 2002, a new chair was placed having henceforth as an intermediary stop the top of the old air chair route, ending at Laka of Asoyrmpasi. An 800 meters long tele ski and a 250 meters baby-lift are fully functioning at the same top. The total equipment of the ski center comprises of six lifts, three baby-lifts, one air chair, four lift dishes and one lift anchor, the so-called tele ski. The ski area is completely organized today, offering a lot of ski faculties as well as renting ski equipment for the sport fans.
It is worth visiting the top of the mountain in order to see the ski installations, whether or not one is a friend of the sport. At the ski centers one can find two fully equipped resorts with heating, sauna, bar, restaurants, a gym and a playfield for the training of athletic teams during the summer.

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Imathia (Prefecture)


Built on Mount Vermio, at an altitude of 1.400-1.540 meters, Seli is found westwards from Veria at a distance of 25 kilometers.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Chryso Elafi Ski Center

The “Chryso Elafi” (Golden Deer) private ski center was built in 1980 by I. Pantelidis, in the region of Volada in Seli at an altitude of 1.540 meters.