Thessaloniki (Prefecture)

Must See

Old Seafront

Old, beloved and unforgettable, the old waterfront is the warmest and most tender aspect of the North for the rest of Greece.

White Tower

The White Tower, the symbol of Thessaloniki, and a point of reference for the inhabitants and the visitors to the city, is the remnant of


Rotunda is a pericentral construction, unique in Greece.

What to see


Greece Thessaloniki Central Macedonia museum byzantine culture


Museum of Byzantine Culture

Founded in 1994, this important new Museum is dedicated to the conservation, research and study of features of Byzantine culture to be found in the Macedonian region as a whole and the city of Thessaloniki in particular.

Greece Thessaloniki Central Macedonia zongolopoulos umbrellas


Zongolopoulos Umbrellas

George Zongolopoulos’ "Umbrellas" were set up on the new waterfront in 1997, when Thessaloniki was the Cultural Capital of Europe.

Greece Thessaloniki Central Macedonia trigoniou tower


Trigoniou Tower

The Trigonio tower, known as the Artillery, or Chain Tower, dates from the same period as the White Tower.

Greece Thessaloniki Central Macedonia statue alexander great


Statue of Alexander the Great

The brassbound statue of Alexander the Great is considered to be the highest sculpture of Greece (height 6,15m). It was created by the sculptor Evaggelos Moustakas (1974).

Θεσσαλονίκη Κεντρική Μακεδονία Γεντί Κουλέ


Gendi Koule

At the highest point of the city, built amphitheatrically on the slope, we can see the imposing form of the Eptapyrgion (Seven Towers - Gendi Koulé). It covers the north part of the Acropolis.

Greece Thessaloniki Central Macedonia palatial complex galerius


Palatial complex of Galerius

The palace of Galerius Maximus in Navarinou Square was the administrative and religious centre of Roman Thessaloniki.

Greece Thessaloniki Macedonia athonos square


Athonos square

The square was built immediately after the fire of 1917 in the place of an older market. It was one of the important centres of the city since junk shops’ market was placed here.

Greece Thessaloniki Central Macedonia Ano Poli Old city Upper Town


Ano Poli

Taking the street of the Turkish Consulate upwards, and turning right you will inevitably find yourself shortly in the winding backstreets that seduce you to the Ano Poli (Upper City).

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