Tomb of of the Palmettes

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The two-chamber Macedonian Tomb of the Palmettes has a temple-shaped fa?ade of the Ionic order, a pediment and impressive palmettes. A painted depiction of the deceased and his wife is preserved on the pediment, while the ceiling of the antechamber is decorated with colourful palmettes painted in a blue surface. This monument is truly unique, as the painted compositions are exceptionally preserved and the colours retain their initial brightness almost intact.

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Imathia (Prefecture)

Tomb of Judgment

The “Tomb of Judgment” is 9 meters long and 9 meters wide. This tomb with the two chambers and the impressive two-storey fa?ade, is one of the biggest known Macedonian tombs.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Tomb of Lyson and Kallikles

The Tomb of Lyson and Kallikles is a small single-chamber family tomb with inscriptions bearing the names of the deceased. The walls of the chamber are lavishly decorated with painted garlands, weapons, altars and other objects.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Tomb of Kinch

The Tomb of Kinch, named after the Danish archaeologist who excavated and brought it to light, has two chambers and is smaller than the Tomb of Palmettes.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Ancient Theater of Mieza

The theatre of Mieza was accidentally discovered in 1992 in a natural slope, and it probably belonged to the Macedonian city of Mieza.

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Estate Chrisohoou

The relationship of the family with the wine stretches back in 1948 when Ioannis and Haralambos Chrisoohoou created their business in Naoussa.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Aristotle's school

The archaeological space where the School of Aristotle is found, is almost two and a half kilometers from the city, next to the natural spring of Kefalari in the northern side of the communal road leading from Kopanos to Naoussa.

Imathia (Prefecture)

Ancient Mieza

In Nympeo, Mieza, within a pastoral scenery near Kopanos, Naoussa, Philip II founded for Alexander the renowned Aristotle’s school, where the great philosopher and educator taught Homer’s epics, philosophy and pedagogy to the young princ