SIFNOS ISLAND: Artemonas – Kastro (through trails)

4 Km

From Artemonas, we take the asphalted road to Apollonia and, at the height of Agios Loukas, we turn to the walkway that crosses the village. After the path of Agios Loukas, the greater part of which is paved with and bounded by stone walls, meets three times the dirt road that leads to Poulati.

Two paths start from Panagia Poulati. The left one leads -after 10 minutes- at the Kipos Beach, a rocky coast ideal for swimming, into which a stream with water flows all year long due to the rich source that exists just before the coast.

Turning back, we meet again Panagia Poulati and continue on the right path, the one that passes beneath the church. A little further down we find the church of the Saviour of Maina, quite old "summer" houses of the residents of Kastro (one of them belonged to the poet Ioannis Gryparis, where he used to isolate himself to write) and many orchards. This part of the path is narrow and has a constant view to Kastro and the sea, at the background of which Antiparos is faintly visible. The route ends at the entrance of Kastro, in front of the windmills.

Kinf of route: 
Walking Route

Duration: 1.30'