SIFNOS ISLAND: Chrysopigi – Fasolou (through trails)

2,4 Km

We follow the dirt road connecting Chrysopigi with the opposite beach, Apokofto. On the opposite end of the beach, a path that climbs the rocks towards Faros starts. We first meet the chapel of Saint Haralambos and just below the ore loading ladder and dilapidated buildings of the French company which exploited the island’s iron at the beginning of the 20th century. After a fifteen-minute walk with constant views of the sea and Faros, we reach Vlychos, one of the best beaches on the island.

From the edge of Vlychos beach starts the paved walkway that leads to Faros. We cross the beach of Faros and, opposite, we find the pedestrian road towards Fasolou, an alley with stairs leading to the asphalted road, next to a threshing floor. From there, after a five-minute walk, we arrive at Fasolou where, apart from a very beautiful beach with shallow, calm waters, there is a tavern to rest and eat.

Kinf of route: 
Walking Route

Duration: 40 minutes