THESSALONIKI: Thessaloniki Port - Ladadika

2 Km

Port and Ladadika: the smell of spices, cooked pork meats, olive oil and paper, fills the air and blends with the heavy scent of the ship holds, the ships that plough the blue line of the horizons, always returning to the cove of Thessaloniki, as if returning to the embrace of their aged mother. The definition of the market. Decay, crumpled money, the life of transaction, the alert eye, profit. It’s the life of labour that makes the blood stir – and the silos, the big warehouses of the port, the First World War: postcards with the arrival of the Italians. Second World War: wire fence, the bombed port. Present: ships, cranes, Film Festival, cabin boys of the image, sailors of the distant seas and the blue oceans, together with cameramen and true sea dogs – next to the Old Stock Exchange and the Trade Square. Magic mystery that engulfs you in the scent of tobacco from a ship that floats to the stars.


Giorgos Skampardonis

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