THESSALONIKI: Old Waterfront

1,9 Km

As you walk on the slabs and you see the fatso white giant, the White Tower, you are thinking: there is the obsession of the city - or could it be a huge, round stove, with white enamel, that warms over and burns its last memories. The crenellations and the battlements toss white doves to the walkers who seem to be drawn involuntarily to the Zongolopoulos’ cluster of umbrellas, passing under Voukefalas’ metal croup, next to the Theatre - with the resounding of applause from old performances of the Athens Lyrical Theatre, the distant voice of Calas who once performed at the Royal Theatre, the roar of the Book Festival together with the triumphant cries of the football-cap winners, fans of PAOK, Aris, Iraklis, who gather here when the time comes. The breeze of the open sea, across the distance Mount Olympus every time the weather is clear. My father used to say: when you feel blue, go for a walk down the Paralia (seafront promenade) and you will soon get better. He was right.


Giorgos Skampardonis

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