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Amendment to the terms of use

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These interactive services may, by their contents, offend or slander through false data or inaccuracies, insults, editing, etc. Escape greece has no obligation to control or edit any content posted and in no case can it be held responsible for it or for any moral or other damage likely to be caused.

Personal Data
The users of this site accept and agree that the information that be collected can be stored for ever and be used by the law of self secret allows.

It is forbidden the use to person under the 18 age.

The company escape guide, can use these information for any reason, like the newsletter sending, informative leaflets, e.t.c.

The information of clients’ personal data could be notified in case of amalgamation, settlements data of the company or in case of takeover.

The company has the right to publish the personal data if this necessary from the law.
The website www.escapegreece.com that is guest the e-shop uses cookies. The information that is collected to the cookies has the date and time of your visit, usually the record data contain personal data in point of your piloting and buys. After any cookie use from the browse of piloting to the Internet, the user could delete the cookies for more safety. These information be used about the user’s profile creation and the site’s self – adjustment in proportion of the user’s demands and interests. Also the cookies accommodate the user’s system in order that can memorize to the computer the entrance data for one month, so that not be necessary to key any time that visits the www.escapegreece.com.

If you don’t want to get electronic or literature advertising material, you can choose the specific context through your procedure registration or you can notify this by sending e-mail or choose the “delete from newsletter”.

We keep the right to alterate any time the terms of the politics of self – secret. For that reason you should be informed very often.

The company tries hard about the security of the personal data, but it can not guarantee that.